Freestyle/Crawl (tips 1) – rak arm eller böjd arm

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Weekly Tip – Freestyle for Triathletes: Straight or Bent arms?

This week’s tip is going to be about swimming, more specifically freestyle technique. Recently there have been a few elite swimmers who started using the so called ”straight-arm” freestyle technique, which main benefit consists in getting more power through momentum. The more traditional freestyle technique, and the one that is usually taught to people who want to learn how to swim freestyle, is the ”high elbow” or bent arm technique. Which one is better for you?Swimmers who adopt the straight-arm freestyle technique claim that this generates a quicker velocity over a short distance, but research suggests that this may not work for everyone [1]. The disadvantage of using this technique is that it requires a lot more strength, since it prevents muscles to relax during the recovery phase of the stroke. If you aren’t an elite swimmer who competes in short events, I would recommend you to adopt the high elbow technique. In triathlons, where you have to swim for 750mts – 1500mts or even 3800mts, this will allow you to stress your shoulder and arm muscles less, save energy, have a better body position in the water and hopefully get you on the bicycle faster.

Topic-related video:

Swim fast!

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[1] Prins, Jan, N.M. Murata, J.S. Allen, III. Preliminary results of a “Multi-2D” Kinematic Analysis of “Straight-Arm vs. Bent Arm” Freestyle Swimming using High-speed Videography. XIth International Symposium for Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. Oslo, Norway, 2010.

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